The Trend Institute is a unique offering to the market.  It is a solution provided to companies wishing to bring a laboratory research idea to market but do not have the resources, laboratories, skills or team to develop it.  TelLab have 5 laboratories in-house all specialising in different analytical areas: Environmental Analysis, Chemical Production/ manufacture, Oil Analysis,  Transformer Oil Analysis, Fuel Analysis, R&D.

Clients come to the Trend Institute with an idea and we use our resources to help our clients achieve first mover advantage without the need for investment in their own internal infrastructures.

Research centres are traditional linked to Universities and as such, the success of the project is predominately dictated by academic schedules, resources and internal politics.

Equipped with five state of the art laboratories, dedicated research & development department and a management team highly skilled in project management for multiple disciplines, time frames and financial constraints.


  • Direct access to professional, expert and high quality analytical resources
  • 40,000 sq ft bespoke building, housing 5 state of the art laboratories
  • Team of scientists, chemists, engineers, research analysts
  • Established supplier network
  • Strong relationships with leading Irish & International research institutes
  • Fully auditable, transparent and traceable processes

Skilled in

  • Research
  • Innovation
  • Design
  • Scale up/ optimisation of ideas/ processes
  • Production
  • Manufacture
  • Commercialisation of projects
  • H&S Compliance
  • Dangerous substance compliance