T.E. Laboratories Ltd is a unique SME which has continued to expand and diversify over its 25-year history, with a strong commitment to its customers, R&D and new product development.

The company recently moved into a custom built, state of the art facility to house all five laboratories and departments

  • Accredited environmental Tellab buildinglaboratories specialising in water and waste water analysis
  • Engineering Department specialising in Machine care, Transformer oil and fuel analysis
  • Chemical and reagent manufacture
  • Analytical, Mechanical and laboratory training centre
  • Dedicated R&D laboratories

The R&D department comprises of researchers, postdocs, PhD and MSc students. R&D plays a major role in the company and forms an important part of activity in all the laboratories. Each of the departments and their expertise in chemistry, research and engineering, is available to the TReND Institute customer.

TelLab has been intensely active in the research area for the past 6 years and has strong expertise in the areas of project co-ordination, dissemination and exploitation. TelLab are currently involved in eight FP7/H2020 projects and have completed two FP7 projects this year, in the areas of passive sampling, colorimtetry, nanotechnology and sensor development.

Additionally, TelLab has been involved and continues to be involved in many Irish state, QUESTOR and cross-border (i.e. Ireland and Northern-Ireland) and UK funded projects related to environmental monitoring.